First ever Factory nurtured by Sri Lanka Inventors commission owns by Inventor Rishan Dulanjana was declared open with the participation of Prof. Rangika Halwatura, Commissioner on 4th February 2021 at Ihalakeembiya village, Galle. Prof. Nalin Abesekara, University of Sri Jayawardanapura, Team SLIC, Team ITN and proud villagers also took a part in the event.

“Kosposha” an agriculture based patented food, produced with Jack Seed was invented by young inventor Mr Rishan Dulanjana a product of University of Sri jayawardanapura. Sri Lanka inventors Commission trust that this market window he explored, is showcasing the fashion of creativity and thinking practice of an inventor aiming to bring the taste of Kosposha across globally.

This is not just a start up but contributing significantly to shape the lives of the villagers of Ihalakeembiya and surrounding converting them as stakeholders of the value chain of Kosposha. Sri Lanka Inventors Commission invested to this bizvention through Invent Grant Programme.