I am Sahan C. Ranasinghe (Engineer) and with the arising of this COVID-19 period in Sri Lanka I thought to give my contribution for health sector by producing this ICU Beds for Emergency Situations. I offer my sincere gratitude to SLIC for the financial assistance for initialize ICU Bed project and for patent applying process.

This ICU bed is a quick and reliable ICU bed solution, which can be made from available resources. Almost all the parts will be made from metal and below parts from Mild Steel, upperparts from stainless steel. This can be operated electrically or manually and which is a three functional bed. This ICU bed is not just a bed. It provides information about the patients. Doctors and medical staff can monitor temperature, BPM and other important body measures of the patient remotely. This can collect patient’s data into a website, mobile or central server. The collapsible side rails ensure the patient’s safety and this is consisting with special features that protect the patient’s health condition. Many countries including Sri Lanka are trying to enhance health care facilities also ICU beds against COVID-19. Because of this there is a huge requirement for ICU beds from health sector all over the world.

Again Thank you very much SLIC team for your assistance and guidance.