We are an engineering team and involving with this Semi Automated Telepresence Robot for Hospitals project based on the need of health sector during this hard COVID-19 period. Our team members are Sahan C. Ranasinghe / Anuruddha Tennakoon / Buddhika Marasinghe. We extend our gratitude and thank to SLIC for assisting financial support for the development of this invention and apply for the patent within one week.

Our invention is a semi automated telepresence robot for Indoor transportation for deliver meals, drugs, and garbage collection and for patient interview in covid-19 wards or suspect patients’ wards. In addition to that, this is suitable for manufacturing plants, warehouses. This robot can be used as a remote control or run on automated guided path. But you can override anytime. It has obstacle detection sensors, mechanical dampers to avoid collision. Also most importantly it has a camera and display for Video conferencing facility to communicate with patients. Health care staff can monitor or interview the patients and get the feedback about their symptoms immediately with less exposursity of medical staff to covid-19 patients.

Thank you very much SLIC team for your assistance and guidance.