About INTARG 2020
13th International Fair and Competition INTARG® 2020 Online – Social Innovation. This initiative was created in response to the needs of academic circles. The aim of the project is the international presentation and promotion of innovations aimed at solving various social problems, to transfer them to everyday social and economic life, as well as to establish cooperation between the world of science and the administration, non-governmental organizations, and business. Social innovations are new solutions (products, techniques, services, models, processes, activities, procedures, etc.), aimed at improving the quality of life of people, communities, nations, and the development of new areas of cooperation, as well as better use of existing resources. This novelty may result from the introduction of unique solutions, but also the implementation of an already known solution appearing in a new social context. These are innovations that benefit both society and business. The essence of creating social innovations is creative solving of social problems at the local, national and international level, for example: in and outside the workplace; resulting from climate and demographic changes; from the need to protect life and health; meeting human needs, and safety in various life situations, including crisis and emergencies; social responsibility, etc.