1st August 1987

The Sri Lanka Inventors Commission (SLIC) is a Statutory Body which was came in to operation by virtue of the powers vested in the Sri Lanka Inventors Incentives Act No 53 of 1979. As per the Act, the SLIC shall consist of a Commissioner and two Assistant Commissioners appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers on the recommendation of the Minister of the line ministry.
Accordingly Dr.A.N.S.Kulasinghe,the eminent scientist and the inventor was the First Commissioner of the SLIC.

The renowned inventor, Dr.Ray Wijewardena was appointed as the Commissioner of the SLIC. According to the history of the SLIC, Dr.Ray Wijewardena had been performing as the Second Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission.

27th July 1988

Prof. C.L.V.Jayathilake had been performing as the Third Commissioner of the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission and during his period in office, the office of the SLIC was expanded by establishment of a Programme Division and by appointing more officers to the Sri Lanka Inventors Commission.