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What is a Patent?

Patent is a license granted by the state to an invention conferring exclusive rights to the invented technology on the owner of the patent for a limited period of time.

Which type of things can be protected by a Patent?

Only an invention can be protected by a patent

What is an invention?

Invention is a practical solution to a problem in technology

What is the difference between a patent and copyright?

Patent protects an invention while copyright protects a literary or artistic work.

I have developed a computer programme can I patent it?

It is possible to patent a computer program provided it meets the criteria of patentability.

What are the requirements that an invention should fulfill to receive a patent?

Invention is new, involves an inventive step and is industrially applicable

What is Prior Art?

Prior art is the disclosed technology in the respective field anywhere in the world by the date of application for the patents.

How to search Prior Art?

The prior art can be searched through the data bases freely available online or commercial data bases or both.

Why Prior Art search is important?

The prior art helps understand the existing level of technology, owners of technology, those involved in technology and new trends in technology

What is the main part of a patent application?

The main part of the patent application is the patent specification

What is patent specification?

The patent specification carries the title of the invention, the existing prior art, invented technology and the rights the applicant seeks for the invention.

How to draft patent specification and claims?

The patent specification and claims should be drafted with clear understanding of the existing technology and the newly invented technology and covering the newly invented technology.

What are the things that an inventor generally should know about the patent office and the process of issuing patent?

The inventor should know the patent grant process including application, search by the examiner, amendment, publication, meeting the opposition, if any and the grant.

What are the rights of the inventor when patented?

The patentee has the right to use the technology, transfer the technology and license the technology.

How to protect a patent?

The patent rights can be protected through the Court by civil litigation and criminal prosecution.

What happens if someone else develops a similar product?

The developer cannot commercially exploit the technology as far as the two inventions conflict.

Who can draft the patent application?

An inventor who understands the technicalities of patent drafting can draft the application. Otherwise, it is appropriate to seek expert advice.

What you should do if your patent rights are infringed?

Refer to Answer 15

What is the guarantee that my idea is protected during the application and granting process?

The IP Office keeps the applications under strict confidentiality. Any officer, who discloses the protected information, is liable to be prosecuted.

Could I have a dully drafted sample patent application?

There are many drafted applications available in data bases accessible on line

Shall I have a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Yes,Click here to download a sample Non-Disclosure Agreement, Please contact your IP lawyer for necessary amendments .

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