Sri Lanka Inventors Commission(SLIC) is a statutory body established by the provision of the Sri Lanka Inventors Incentive Act No.53 of 1979,and functioning under the Ministry of Science,Technology and research.

The objective of the commission is to promote and encourage creativity and inventiveness of Sri Lanka by providing technical,legal,financial assistance and assistance to find access to market.Achieving its objectives the commission has taken many measures where giving national recognition for inventors is one of them.

As stipulated in the paragraph 10(a) of the Sri Lanka Inventors Incentives Act SLIC conducts Sahasak Nimavum to encourage the making or creation of inventions by citizens of Sri Lanka.

The inventions/innovations presented at the exhibition were provincially evaluated by a judge panel appointed by SLIC.

The competition was open to fourteen technical fields as follows.

  • F 01 – Public Safety, Welfare and National Defense
  • F 02 – Physics
  • F 03 – Medicine and pharmacy
  • F 04 – Traditional Medicine
  • F 05 – Agriculture
  • F 06 – Food Technology
  • F 07 – Chemistry
  • F 08 – Applied Sciences and Technology
  • F 09 – Energy
  • F 10 – Environmental Conservation
  • F 11 – Engineering
  • F 12 – Information and Communication Technology
  • F 13 – Transportation
  • F 14 – Public Works and Infrastructure Engineering

Dasis Award

The Dasis Awards are presented to the best invention or the inventor in each of the participating categories at the Sahasak Nimavum International Exhibition for Inventions and Innovations. Dasis is a name given to King Ravana, who probably is one of the greatest inventors of our history.The most popular of his inventions is the Dandu Monara the wooden plane.As a nation we have so much to get inspired from our rich heritage.Hence we chose the name Dasis for the award. We defined the ten heads of Ravana to symbolize the observational capability of inventors and the knowledge that is all pervasive.At the center of the trophy are these ten heads depicted graphically.The two wings on either sides represents the imagination of inventors and the wheels show how they give wings to ides through technology.

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