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Safety motor cycle stand

My invention on Safe Motor Cycle Side Stand has be

Radius meter

My invention is Radius Meter has been selected as

Trapping Knife

Improved rubber tapping knife ensure optimum shavi

The High Performance Unitary Ply Tea Transport Container

Packing & transport of factory made tea to the

Power mats based on natural rubber

This novel mat is mainly used as a weed control de

Power mats based on natural rubber

This novel mat is mainly used as a weed control de

Pneumatic Self Retaining Surgical Retractor System

During the surgical procedure, as the anesthetic e

The Cashew shell stove and the dehydration unit

Efficient cashew and fruits/vegetable drier - that

Improved life saving Jacket.

Improved life saving Jacket.

A Processed Tea Cutter

Device for converting processed large tea leaves t

Refrigerator for storing Vaccines

A Refrigerator to store vaccines that maintains th

Machine to insert under- wire in to brassieres

A Machine to automate the process of inserting und

Banana Bread

To treat depression anxiety, lack of concentration

Tri deck Compact Trangular Tv rack

  About the Invention This product is

Sea wave -forcing in let-value-cluster for altitude potentia

High waves and medium waves are directed to the in

Free Power Generator/ Optical Capacitor

Summary of Patent: Electricity generation without

Low cost herbal mosquito repellent

It is a well known fact that prolonged use of mo

Electrically control sphygmomanometer

This sphygmomanometer is controlled by electric

The Visualization Shopping Portal

The Visualization Shopping Portal; VizuSHOP, con

Polydrive Power System

Polydrive Power System Large scale power saving u

FaLang translation system by Faboba

Prosperity through Inventions and Innovations

To encourage Sri Lankan patented inventors to make known their inventions by giving annually sizeable cash awards and medals known as the " Presidential Awards for Inventions "

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